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The Forum advances informal education of individuals in Morgan County to apply
arts, sciences & technologies in their daily lives. Its trade name is FAST.  It is a tax-exempt non-profit charitable corporation under IRS Code, Section 501(c)(3).

>> Join teams of family & friends for the Great Grey Matter Challenge
at the
Berkeley Springs High School in January, 2015
Join Morgan County's Wellness Project:
Learn about essential omega-3 and omega-6 nutrients
NIX the 6 & EAT the 3 to improve wellness
Omega-3 Treats in Town to improve wellness
Omega 3-6 Balance Scores for shopping choices
Get your own 3minus6 Guide to use as a mobile app
Think about an OMEGA-3 PIZZA to improve wellness
Learn about the Sardine Club and youth wellness
Morgan County Schools take wellness actions
West Virginia Losses without wellness
MORGAN COUNTY MENUS for wellness ideas
KIM-2 software helps plan balanced daily nutrients

Please contact FAST and join us to help make_a_learning_community
email =  
Phone: Weekdays = 301-345-4061; Weekends = 304-258-9854
PO Box 674, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Be a FAST learner!
- - revised November, 2014